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This Side Up Aviation, If you’ve ever dreamed of flying an airplane, This Side Up Aviation is ready to teach you.

With experience in Agricultural flying, Bush Flying, Seaplanes, Experimental Aircraft, Gyrocopters, Aerobatic Airplanes, Night Flight and Microlight Aircraft… We can teach you everything from a Private Pilots License, all the way through to the money earning Commercial Pilots License.

Giving you the most hands-on Trial Flight available, getting you to control the aircraft right on the ground at the start and all the way through to the landing… Just in the first flight. The stunning scenery of Tauranga will give you an amazing experience while you learn to fly the beautiful Piper Warrior.

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This Side Up Aviation has created an Aviation Inspired brand, Pilot Specs, designed by pilots for pilots. This Side Up was created to express the passion and dedication required to be a pilot. The same attitude has been poured into creating this Aviation Inspired Brand. We are constantly creating and envisaging ways to bring the passion of Aviation into our everyday lives throught the way we live everyday.

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Virtual Reality Aviation

Flight Simulation with computers is a ground breaking feat of technology and science. The bar has been continuously raised in terms of reality factor. Now the line between reality and simulation is blurred. Virtual Reality Flight Simulation is the future and you can try it out today with The Aviator . This Aviation Simulator Experience is unlike anything you have ever experienced and it is “the closest experience to real flight there is”

The Aviator Experience