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This Side Up is an Aviation Inspired Brand created by a pilot for pilots and enthusiasts. It is the vision of bringing all things aviation into the everyday lives of the people around us. Aviation is not just an industry it is a lifestyle and we all want to celebrate and enjoy the fancination we have with flight. Join the community of Aviation Inspired people and stay This Side Up.

The creator of This Side Up is an Instructor Pilot and has always wanted to submerge himself in the world of aviation. It is an amazing career with so many different kinds of flying and aircraft. It is a constantly changing environment which will challenge you and force you out of your comfort zone.

We love this about aviation and that is what makes us,

Aviation Inspired


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This Side Up Aviation created the Aviation Inspired brand, designed by pilots for pilots. This Side Up was created to express the passion and dedication required to be a pilot. The same attitude has been poured into creating this Aviation Inspired Brand. We are constantly creating and envisaging ways to bring the passion of Aviation into our everyday lives.

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VR Simulator Experience
Virtual Reality Aviation

Flight Simulation with computers is a ground breaking feat of technology and science. The bar has been continuously raised in terms of reality factor. Now the line between reality and simulation is blurred. Virtual Reality Flight Simulation is the future and you can try it out today with The Aviator . This Aviation Simulator Experience is unlike anything you have ever experienced and it is “the closest experience to real flight there is”

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Aviation Training

If you’ve ever dreamed of flying an airplane, This Side Up Aviation is ready to teach you at Aviation Training. We can teach you everything from a Private Pilots License, all the way through to the money earning Commercial Pilots License. We will give you the most hands-on Trial Flight available, getting you to control the aircraft right on the ground at the start and all the way through to the landing… Just in the first flight. The stunning scenery of Tauranga will give you an amazing experience while you learn to fly the beautiful Piper Warrior.

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This Side Up Aviation

What makes us Aviation Inspired?

How it all started

Aviation has always been our passion. At a very early age our Founder, Lawrence Robinson, learnt how to fly model aircraft with his grand-dad. He entered Large Scale Aerobatic competitions and won national titles in South Africa. He achieved his commercial pilot at the age of 20 and started his aviation career in Crop-Spraying. After moving over to New Zealand for a better lifestyle he still had a fiery passion for his biggest past-time, Flying.

This Side Up Aviation is our reach to all of you who have been moved, physically or emotionally, by Aviation and how we are all connected via the skies above. We love having the land above and the Sky below with complete freedom in the skies above. Let us show you what it means to be Aviation Inspired.

Professionalism, it’s a choice

Professionalism is synonymous with Pilots. Have you ever felt intimidated by the pilot walking towards you, dressed in a freshly pressed suit, epaulets and a uniform cap? They are just people like you and me. Pilots take pride in the responsibility of getting you to all the destinations around the world that you visit.

Be part of that group and stay Aviation Inspired with This Side Up Aviation.

Let yourself take flight

When an aircraft Takes off, there is a sub-conscience thought that we are leaving earth and we can’t be touched. We are one with the aircraft.
If you could take that feeling and bottle it, wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to live?
Always feeling like you are taking off and nothing can touch you. To feel proud of the fact you are free above the earth’s problems and you have but a moment to embrace peace and serenity. Let us show you how it feels on:

See you there

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Whether you are fetching your family from the airport,
eating food at your favorite restaurant,
attending an awesome car-show/airshow or even gaming on your console or PC…
Aviation made all of that possible and it connects the world.