When do you need a BFR?

Let us look at why a BFR is important, why picking the correct instructor is important and why you should use a BFR as an opportunity to learn.

Once you have completed your PPL or CPL, the excitement of flying on your own license privileges or looking for that first job is extremely exciting.

In order to keep those privileges which your pilot’s license give you, you need to comply with the following requirements:

  • Class 1 or 2 medical, depending on your license
  • a BFR, Biennial Flight Review

It doesn’t seem like a lot however we all get busy doing life and suddenly the time flies away from us.

Always make sure you get your medical done and review yourself periodically, nobody knows you better then yourself and if you are feeling uneasy about something, rather go and have it checked out by a medical professional.

The BFR is a very simple process by which your instructor will test your skills to make sure that they still conform to the standards set out in the Private Pilots License Flight Test Standards or the Commercial Pilots License Flight Test Standards.

Picking your instructor is vital because someone too lenient may not have the courage to give you criticism on aspects that are not up to standard, however, an instructor with no patience might test you their own standard rather than the industry standard.

Both of the above examples are not great.

An instructor who is completing your BFR with you should always use it as a learning day and by giving you the opportunity to learn, it will enhance your experience, knowledge and therefore safety as a pilot.

Example of utilising a BFR:

  • Flying a portion of a leg without any controls except throttle, rudder, and flaps. This is not standard practice but has actually happened when control sticks or yokes have broken or become stuck.
  • Landing on a beach or short field to further one’s experience in the aircraft type
  • Making non-standard calls and approaches

This is a key example of an extra learning exercise that broadens your experience and knowledge which gives you more options in a crisis and therefore makes you a safer pilot. At This Side Up Aviation, we focus on thinking outside of the box and giving you extra tools and knowledge in every opportunity.

If you need to do your PPL BFR or CPL BFR, you can book a time at This Side Up Aviation.

Our Chief Flying Instructor has over 40 different type ratings in Standard Category, Experimental & Home-Built, Mirolight Fixed-Wing and Gyrocopters.

He has experience in the following aircraft, with the ability to gain more for an unfamiliar type if required for your BFR:

  • PA28 series including Piper Arrow
  • Cessna 182, Cessna 172, Cessna 150, Cessna 152
  • SeaRey Elite Amphibian
  • Bellanca Decathlon, Vans RV8, Europa
  • Microlight Fixed-Wing: SkyRanger, Rans S6, Alpi 300, Sting, SportCruiser, Challenger II, REMOS, Zenair 601XL, Jabiru, Dynero, Tecnam P2008, P96, P92, Pipistrel Alpha Trainer
  • Gyroplanes: ELA, Magni, Sycamore, AutoGyro Cavalon, AutoGyro Calidus, AutoGyro MTO, Dominator, Xenon


You can book your BFR today by contacting:


BCat (A) Instructor & CFI of This Side Up Aviation

Lawrence Robinson

Cessna182 on Beach