Airplane Trial Flight Voucher

$199.00 $179.00

Welcome to the world of airplanes.

In order to determine whether you’d want to pursue a hobby or career in aviation, furthermore airplanes specifically, the trial flight is the perfect place to start.

We will walk around the aircraft and look at what a pilot checks before each flight, we can’t just pull off to the side of the road like a car.

The flight will then begin with you being instructed on the following aspects:

  • Taxiing (How to get the plane from the parking area to the runway)
  • Take-Off (depending on the weather you will be instructed on how to get the airplane off the ground)
  • Effects of Controls and Basic Turns (Take a look at what the controls actually do and then use them to get the airplane around Tauranga)
  • Approach (This is the setup process before we land the aircraft)
  • Landing (Yes, you will land the aircraft)

You will have a qualified and experienced instructor next to you who will boost your confidence and show you just how fun it is to fly and how simple it can be.

These flights are based at Tauranga Airport, New Zealand.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge in aviation as this is where all pilots start out.