The Ultimate Flight Simulator

The Ultimate Flight Simulator


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Flight Simulator Specifications:

– DCS flight simulator including 5 aircraft of your choice, optionally pre-load all aircraft.
– Custom made Aluminum replica ejection seat designed around the Mirage 2000.
-Custom made base with cable management and mounting platforms for everything.
-Built-in seat Transducers which give off insane vibrations to give you a fully immersive experience.
-5 point harness, aviation grade quality, from an actual aircraft.
-Vinyl Leather Cushions, custom made for the ejection seat.
-Blasting sound from the 500-watt 7.1 surround sound system built into the rig with the Subwoofer right under your ejection seat for the ultimate boom!
-Custom Thrustmaster Joystick and Throttle Quadrant with custom Rudder pedals including tow braking, optional Helicopter collective.
-Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Numpad for ultimate flexibility
-Beautiful cable management system for easy plug and play.
-Built-in Rift Sensor
-43” – 47” 4K Screen, so your friends can watch you shoot down your aerial enemy.
-Optional Keyboard and Mouse shelf for normal PC use.
-Any color available for your custom rig
-Performance orientated PC build for the best experience

PC Specifications:

All PC Specifications are subject to change as we put the best parts available at the time into this PC.
CPU – i7 7700k Overclocked for maximum performance
RAM – 32GB of High speed gaming ram
GPU – Nvidia Geforce 1080ti
Harddrive – M.2 drive for speedy loading times
Motherboard – AsRock Z270 gaming board
Cooling – Watercooled CPU for overclocking
Connectivity – Dedicated Wifi card for wireless internet connectivity
Software – Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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Creating the Ultimate Flight Simulator has been a labour of love and passion for aviation. The creator of the Aviator Experience, has tirelessly spent years developing the ultimate flight simulation experience which you can now try first hand with one of these Vouchers at The Aviator Experience and take control of the most amazing aircraft from all eras of aviation.

This Aviation Inspired simulator has been flown by some of the most experienced pilots and inexperienced enthusiasts and the consensus is the same; This is the closest experience to real aircraft you will get.
This experience is now available for you to take home with The Ultimate Simulator setup.
Completely plug and play, it comes pre-loaded with your favorite aircraft and after putting it together it will be ready for power up and take-off.

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